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Middle School Information


While at PS126/MAT students will engage in a creative and rigorous curriculum that is geared towards fostering collaboration, inquiry, research, public speaking, and overall social-emotional development.  Students will interact and incorporate technology in the core classes, with opportunities to learn coding, animation, and robotics.  In eighth grade, students will be offered the coursework necessary to take the Earth Science and Algebra 1 Regents exams as well as the Spanish Language Proficiency exam.

Our elective program allows students to major in fine arts, percussion, or band, providing students the necessary skills and preparation for high school auditions.  Additionally, we have an extensive competitive sports program that offers sports for all students. 

Neighborhood: Chinatown

Address: 80 Catherine Street, New York, NY 10038

Shared Space : NO

Accessibility: Not Accessible

Subway: F to East Broadway . 4,5,6,J,Z to Brooklyn Bridge 2,3, A to Fulton Street

Bus: BM1, BM2, BM3, BM4, M103, M15, M15-SBS, M22, M9, QM11, QM25, QM7, QM8, X14, X15, X2,X42, X5, X8

中学 ​​​ 在 PS126/MAT 时,学生将参与旨在促进合作、探究、研究、公开演讲和整体社会情感发展的创造性和严谨的课程。学生将在核心课程中互动和融入技术,并有机会学习编码、动画和机器人技术。在八年级,学生将获得参加地球科学和代数 1 Regents 考试以及西班牙语能力考试所需的课程作业。 ​​​ 我们的选修课程允许学生主修美术、打击乐或乐队,为学生提供必要的技能并为高中试镜做好准备。此外,我们有一个广泛的竞技体育项目,为所有学生提供体育运动。 ​​​ 邻里: 唐人街 地址:纽约凯瑟琳街 80 号,邮编 10038 共享空间:否 可访问性:不可访问 地铁:F 到东百老汇。 4,5,6,J,Z 到布鲁克林大桥 2,3,A 到富尔顿街 总线:BM1、BM2、BM3、BM4、M103、M15、M15-SBS、M22、M9、QM11、QM25、QM7、QM8、X14、X15、X2、X42、X5、X8


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Middle School Overview from Our Principal

Learn About Our Majors

 Mr. Sutton, Music Program Overview

 Ms. Schorr , Art Program Overview

Learn About Our Electives

 Mr. DeMatteo, Athletic Director

 Ms. Li,  Computer Science Overview

Pre K & Kindergarten

Admissions Information

Pre - Kindergarten

    We have created a positive learning environment where children feel safe and nurtured. Our teachers in all classrooms work together to create engaging units of study that are aligned with NYC Pre K for All standards. Teachers create many hands-on collaborative experiences that build a strong community while learning about a particular topic.

    We're always working to improve our practice. Teachers have common planning time where they hash out ideas and try out concepts before bringing them to their students. They also work with an instructional leader to collaborate and share ideas for best practice,  as well as visiting

other schools throughout the city so that best city-wide practices can be observed and adapted to meet the needs of our school/students.


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Applying to Our School

Thank you for your interest in our school. 

  • Please click on either the Pre-K or Kindergarten button above to go to the DOE Website for guidance on how to apply.

  • Register for a tour of our school. This year we may have virtual tours due to COVID restrictions.  Check back for links and updates. 

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