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About Us 

School Mission Statement


We envision our school as a community where kindness and caring are sustained, nourished and benefited by a diversity of learners.

Our goal is to foster a nurturing environment that acknowledges, encourages, and expects our students to be rigorously, as well as joyfully involved in reading, writing, mathematics, science, technology, and history on a daily basis with the constant integration of technology.

All of our students are expected to develop creative and critical thinking abilities, thereby becoming capable of flexible problem solving and independent learning in all content areas.

We will accomplish this by:

• Promoting ongoing communication to extend and connect learning between school and home

• Expecting accountability for student achievement from parents, staff and students

• Providing assessment driven and standards-based instruction

To every extent possible, PS126/Manhattan Academy of Technology will create the proper environment and pedagogical modifications to ensure that all children will succeed.

Our theory of action to reach our mission statement is centered on creating a school culture where teachers feel free to take risks, share student work, and open up their practice; what we call a “permanent state of thoughtful revision.”

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